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Steve Hooker MBA

An expert in supply chain and procurement in many countries and industries.
Industries: Food, fmcg, packaging, retail and chemicals.

Functional skills: General Management, Business Development, sourcing, research, manufacturing, training, change management, communication.

Expertise: Trouble shooter. Developing strategy, setting up new teams, lean manufacture, sourcing, innovation projects.

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Procurement and Purchasing Pathmap

by Steve Hooker

To develop a world class procurement function requires many step and actions to be done. The below outlines a logical progression to follow for Phase 1 Developing a Purchasing Strategic Plan.

There are three phases:

1. Develop the Procurement Strategic plan

2. Execute the Procurement Plan

3. Manage the Supply and Supplier / Vendor

Lean Manufacturing Prior to Toyota

by Steve Hooker

The origins and history of Lean from shipbuilding in Venice through various arms based industries to Henry Ford

Commodity Graphs

Key commodity graphs for oils, flour, sugar and other key food ingredients. Also includes other key commodities such as metals and energy


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Association of MBAs

I am passionate about post graduate management education. I am a Director of the Association of MBAs that represents the top 150 business schools in the world.